hostd is running out of memory and crashing on Nutanix, any solution to fix the issue ?

The Nutanix software is using the createContainerView API to create recursive container views on the root object with a single type in the list of types to look out for - Virtual Distributed Switch.  However, once it is done using them, it neglects to call View.Destroy to free the ContainerView after it is done using the object.

Typically the error seen within hostd.log is “--> Panic: Memory exceeds hard limit. Panic” AND the Nutanix VIBs are loaded and the software on is the hosts/VMs. This has been seen on 5.5 and 6.x hosts.

If you suspect you have an issue where hostd has crashed due to out of memory, and you are running Nutanix / Nimsoft software and you still have the zdump file - so far no fix yet, could be only one thing you could do is, raise a case with the vendor to have a fix.
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