hostd is running out of memory and crashing on Nutanix, any solution to fix the issue ?

The Nutanix software is using the createContainerView API to create recursive container views on the root object with a single type in the list of types to look out for - Virtual Distributed Switch.  However, once it is done using them, it neglects to call View.Destroy to free the ContainerView after it is done using the object.

Typically the error seen within hostd.log is “--> Panic: Memory exceeds hard limit. Panic” AND the Nutanix VIBs are loaded and the software on is the hosts/VMs. This has been seen on 5.5 and 6.x hosts.

If you suspect you have an issue where hostd has crashed due to out of memory, and you are running Nutanix / Nimsoft software and you still have the zdump file - so far no fix yet, could be only one thing you could do is, raise a case with the vendor to have a fix.

VMware PSOD Purple Screen of Death - Debugger waiting (world 2078) -- no port for remote debugger. "Escape" for local debugger

How to deal with PSOD - VMware PSOD Purple Screen of Death - Debugger waiting (world 2078) -- no port for remote debugger. "Escape" for local debugger - Easy troubleshooting steps and how to identify or determine exact root cause of the PSOD issue

Host is down with PSOD with the above said error. Verified BIOS settings, worked with on site engineer, contacted the IBM server support (since this is IBM server, have contacted IBM, if it is IBM or some other hardware, you may need to reach out the respective vendor)

Sometimes it could be server hardware issue like DIMMs, CPU, Processor related or may be a chance of network related.

Please have a through check on the above said and come to a conclusion what could the issue. Based on that, need to troubleshoot the issue.

VM Server going to hung state due to snapshot backup failed

Guest OS VM sessions going into hung state or unresponsive state while taking snapshot backups. The reason being, while taking snapshot backups, if any more activities planned like running some batch scripts that might cause CPU spike.

This leads to more load on the VM session, the assigned resources are not available or in some cases, the data store got filled out fast.

In this scenario, we will have stop the VM snapshot backup and reboot the server and check the logs what is the reason the server went into hung state.

If the same issue getting repeated, VMware admins can do is, when you found the VM session in unresponsive state, move the VM into suspend mode and download the logs. Later can do the investigation if needed.

Site Recovery Mgr (SRM) Service Name, where to find?

VMware System Admins must know this information where the VMware Site Recovery Manager service name will be available in case, if admin unable to connect to SRM configuration server via vCenters. Usually SRM server will be different than the vCenter server.

What is the VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) service and where we can find this?

This can be found in Services

Login to SRM server and go to Services and search for VMware

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Server

Win 9 beta preview expectations & release date

'Windows 9 Threshold' operating system to be release soon with lot of expectations. Microsoft yet to confirm the release date of this newer OS version. However, 30th September 2014 can expect some news about this Windows 9 series.

30th Sept 2014 - A Big Day for Microsoft on Windows 9 Preview

There is a expectation that, Microsoft would reveal some news about its new operating system Windows 9 features and first look. Few screen shots expected how the it looks like etc.

Any Win9 vs Win8 previous versions OS Architecture differences?

Yes could be a chance and as per the news that, security wise kernel will be robust as like the Unix operating systems and few more features to be added.

Windows9 Beta and Preview release dates if any? (download links)

Expectation is 30th Sept'14 would see some news about these releases.

Windows 8.1 'August Update' 2 - What major new features to be included?

As expected Windows 8.1 Update been released as 'August Update' and however as per the reviews says it doesn't include much of its new features in it.

The following some of them could be the improvements in this new update Windows 8.1 :

Precision touchpad improvements and 3 new end-user settings been added like  Leave touch pad on when a mouse is connected, allow right-clicks on the touchpad, double-tap and drag are the new.

Miracast Receive – exposes a set of Wi-Fi direct APIs for Independent Hardware Vendor (IHV) drivers or OEM drivers to develop Windows 32-bit applications that run on all supported x86-based or x64-based versions of Windows 8.1, enabling the computer as a Miracast receiver.

Minimizing login prompts for SharePoint Online – reduces the number of prompts with federated use in accessing SharePoint Online sites. If you select the “Keep me signed in” check box when you log on for the first time, you will not see prompts for successive access to that SharePoint Online site.

How to get the new update on existing Windows 8.1?

The new Windows 8.1 update would be available and get delivered automatcially by 'Windows Update' and optional through WSUS. And for the Enterprise can get the update anytime.

The date expected this new update would be after 12th August 2014.

How to Upgrade or Uninstall DoubleTake Version 5.2 or later without being prompted for a Reboot?

Customer needs to perform upgrade or uninstall of Doubletake Availability, Move, or RecoverNow version 5.2 or later without being prompted for a reboot.


Version 5.2 or later of Doubletake uses mini-filter drivers and so does not require a reboot when upgrading or uninstalling.  In order to ensure that a reboot is not prompted during the upgrade or uninstall process, however, you must stop all Doubletake services and kill any Doubletake processes running under any user on the server.

If any consoles are open or if the Doubletake.exe process is still running, a reboot may be required or a false positive message stating a reboot is required may appear. 

Once all Doubletake services and executables are stopped, there will be no reboot required for Doubletake.


Doubletake does require certain C++ components and .NET 3.5.1 components for version 5.2 and later.  If these are not present then an upgrade my require them to be installed and those 3rd party installations may require a reboot outside the Doubletake upgrade process. 

This is rare as all C++ and .NET 3.5.1 compoenents should already exist on the server already running version 5.2 or later of Doubletake.

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