Win 9 beta preview expectations & release date

'Windows 9 Threshold' operating system to be release soon with lot of expectations. Microsoft yet to confirm the release date of this newer OS version. However, 30th September 2014 can expect some news about this Windows 9 series.

30th Sept 2014 - A Big Day for Microsoft on Windows 9 Preview

There is a expectation that, Microsoft would reveal some news about its new operating system Windows 9 features and first look. Few screen shots expected how the it looks like etc.

Any Win9 vs Win8 previous versions OS Architecture differences?

Yes could be a chance and as per the news that, security wise kernel will be robust as like the Unix operating systems and few more features to be added.

Windows9 Beta and Preview release dates if any? (download links)

Expectation is 30th Sept'14 would see some news about these releases.

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