[Solved] Browsing datastores from VirtualCenter fails: Failed to log into NFC server

Why this error occurs and the symptoms:

Downloading a file to local machine with the vCenter clients datastore browser fails with the error: Failed to log into NFC server

Connecting vCenter client directly to ESX hosts works without error.

ESX host /etc/vmware/config files contain the lines:

authd.soapServer = "TRUE"
prefvmx.consolidateDeleteNFSLocks = "TRUE"authd.proxy.vpxa-nfc = "vmware-vpxa:vpxa-nfc"
authd.proxy.vpxa-nfcssl = "vmware-vpxa:vpxa-nfcssl"

Solution for this issue or error:

This issue occurs when a carriage return is missing from /etc/vmware/config. To resolve this issue, go to edit /etc/vmware/config:

1. Make a backup of this file from the path - /etc/vmware/config, by executing the below command:

cp /etc/vmware/config /var/tmp/

2. Edit /etc/vmware/config so that there is a carriage return after the line:

prefvmx.consolidateDeleteNFSLocks = "TRUE"

so that it reads the below:

authd.soapServer = "TRUE"
prefvmx.consolidateDeleteNFSLocks = "TRUE"
authd.proxy.vpxa-nfc = "vmware-vpxa:vpxa-nfc"
authd.proxy.vpxa-nfcssl = "vmware-vpxa:vpxa-nfcssl"

3. Restart the 'hostd management agent' and for more information, see Restarting the Management agents on an ESX or ESXi Server (1003490).

More info about this issue:

In addition make sure that you do not have any name resolution issues in your environment.  This can also cause the above issues.  For help troubleshooting name resolution issues in your environment see Testing network connectivity with the ping command (1003486).
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