Alert: SNMP Agent Not Responding, why this error occurs?

What if you receive an HP SIM Alert 'SNMPAgentNotResponding'?

Just need to check whether the server is giving the ping response or not. Login to the server and check whether during this time, server got rebooted or some issue related to network card / cable etc.

This error will come when Monitoring Tool try to ping the server, during that time, if server is not responded, then this alert will raise.

More info about the same case -

: The SNMP agent is not responding. For example, the community string for this SNMP agenthas been changed, or NNMi’s communication configuration settings have not yet been updated, butthe node is operational (IP addresses can be pinged).
: Ping is not enabled out-of-the box. This scenario requires that at least one address is polled.
Root Cause
: The SNMP Agent is not responding.
: None generated.
: The SNMP Agent is in Critical status.
: The node status is Minor. The Conclusion on the node is
. Allpolled interfaces and cards, including Daughter cards have Unknown status because they cannot bemanaged by NNMi. The Conclusion on each interface is
. TheConclusion on each card is
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