iLO 2 Advanced Vs iLO 3 Version Differences (Comparison)


What is the difference between iLO 3 and iLO 2?

A1. ILO 3 contains all of the functionality of iLO 2, but delivers faster performance than its predecessor.  With a greater CPU performance and more memory, it also provides headroom for significant future functionality expansion.


Can I use the same iLO Advanced license for iLO 2 and iLO 3 systems?

A2. Yes. ILO Advanced licenses work with any generation of iLO management processor, so licenses purchased today can be used on future generations of product.


If I purchase a system with iLO 2, can I upgrade to iLO 3?

A3. No.  The management processor is embedded on the server motherboard and cannot be replaced or upgraded.


How can iLO Advanced benefit my business?

A4. HP iLO Advanced provides full remote control of a ProLiant server without compromise for routine administration or occasional maintenance. It eliminates more trips to remote ProLiant servers than any other remote control solution because it enables full remote control when the system is powered off, starting up, distressed or operating normally. With iLO Advanced, you can perform virtually any task remotely as if you were at the server using its keyboard, mouse and monitor, power button and floppy, CD/DVD or USB key. iLO Advanced can also automatically capture video footage every time the server boots up, and every time the server has a fault sequence (like a blue screen). Multiple server administrators can even view and share control of the system console to collaboratively troubleshoot and administer ProLiant servers.
HP iLO Advanced puts you in control whether the remote system is powered off, distressed or running normally. It is the single, remote control solution that dramatically reduces the need to travel to a server or to find qualified local support when responding to a problem or performing routine administration of hardware, firmware or software.


What are HP iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem?

A5. HP iLO Advanced is the most complete remote management experience you can have with your ProLiant server. HP iLO Advanced provides powerful visual access of your remote server through the graphical remote console, regardless of the server’s location or your location. iLO Advanced also provides a number of other benefits such as the ability to cap server power, automatically capture video footage of server events like the last boot and last fault, allow for global team collaboration for up to four users, ability to deploy images, fixes, etc with virtual media, and much more. HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem provides the same level of comprehensive remote management to your ProLiant BladeSystem server blade.


How are the iLO Advanced features enabled on iLO 3 and iLO 2 management processors?

A6. There is no additional software installation required to upgrade standard iLO 2 or iLO 3 features to iLO Advanced or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem. All the firmware required for iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem ships on ProLiant and ProLiant BladeSystem servers. iLO Advanced and iLO Advanced for BladeSystem are enabled simply by entering a license key. The license key can be entered using the browser interface, command line or scripting interfaces.


How can I evaluate iLO Advanced or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem on my ProLiant server or ProLiant BladeSystem?

A7. Yes. Visit this website, select “Click here to register”, and select the iLO product you wish to evaluate. You can temporarily activate all iLO Advanced features on your server for 60 days. Only one 60 day trial is permitted per server.


How can I buy iLO Advanced?

A8. ILO Advanced can be purchased standalone or as part of HP Insight Control.  Purchasing iLO Advanced as part of HP Insight Control delivers access to bare metal deployment, fault monitoring, performance management, advanced power management, and server migration capabilities in addition to remote administration functions.
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