How To: Steps To Uninstall / Remove BrotherSoft Extreme Community Toolbar from IE, FirexFox, Safari

Internet Explorer users

1. Click the Start button and then select Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
2. In the list of programs, find the BrotherSoft Extreme toolbar, select it, and click Change/Remove.

Firefox users

1. In your browser menu, select Tools > Add-ons.
2. Make sure the Extensions tab is selected.
3. Select the BrotherSoft Extreme toolbar.
4. Click the Uninstall button.

Safari users

1. Open the Finder application and browse to Applications.
2. Scroll down to Toolbars and click on BrotherSoft Extreme .
3. Double-click on “Uninstall”.
4. Fill in the “User name & Password” and click the OK button.
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