"Critical Error: Memory retention failure, unflushed cache lost!!! - Solution"


A system equipped with a ServeRAID 8i controller could experience one of the following error messages:

1. In ServeRAID Manager application or IBM Director or RaidEvtA.log: "The battery-backup cache device needs a new battery: controller 1"
2. In the Controller n Config.txt: "Battery status ........Failed"
3. On the display during POST: !!!CRITICAL ERROR: Memory retention failure, unflushed cache lost!!!

Affected configurations

The system may be any of the following:

* xSeries MXE-460, Type 8874, any model
* xSeries 460, Type 8872, any model
* xSeries 366, Type 8863, any model
* xSeries 306m, Types 8849 and 8491, any model
* xSeries 260, Type 8865, any model
* xSeries 206m, Types 8485 and 8490, any model

The system is configured with the following ServeRAID option(s):

* ServeRAID-8i Controller:
o Option part number 13N2227, replacement part number 13N2233
o Option part number 39R8729, replacement part number 39R8731

Solution: ServeRAID 8i controller firmware fix in version 5.0-2 build 8263 and later available second quarter 2006.

Workaround: Swapping out the 8i battery with the battery from another 8i is recommended. The controller will operate at reduced performance.

Additional information:
This error is caused by a firmware issue in which the battery charging mechanism is left in the wrong charging mode.

The adapter firmware recognizes the wrong mode but does not correct it.

The error is logged when the firmware determines the charger has been in the wrong mode for too long.

The error will recur after each power/reset cycle, unplugging and replugging the battery will have no affect.

The result of the error is that the system will turn off write-back mode and use only write-through mode.

No user data will be lost as a result of this error, however, the performance will be impacted as the write-through mode is always used.

Neither the battery nor the card will be damaged by this error, nor will their long term life be affected.

If the battery charging system is "fully reset", the mode will be properly reset.

If the battery is swapped with a DIFFERENT battery, the charging system is automatically fully reset.

Affected systems will continue to function properly and reliably, although they will be operating at lower performance because they are in write-through mode.

ServeRAID 8i controller firmware fix in version 5.0-2 build 8263 and later will be available second quarter 2006.


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